First things first. I’ve been told that some comments people made did not get posted on the blog. My apologies for this technical glitch, which I believe has been fixed. Your comments, encouragement, and ideas are greatly appreciated.  

What an amazing first leg of my journey! I achieved my goal of reaching Salt Lake City in time for the national Solar Power International (SPI) convention on September 23rd – an 800 mile solar-powered electric bike ride across three states!

I decided to drive Sunride home in a U-Haul because of the thunderstorms and record cold front moving into the mountain states (a month earlier than ever before – another sign of drastic climate change). I will spend this winter altering the bike (a much softer seat!) in ways that will make future Sunrides safer and more comfortable.

There were many highlights of my trip, especially arriving in time for the Climate Strike, and there were a few low points – the flat tire, someone stealing my bike tools, but overall a wonderful adventure. I learned new things at the Solar Power International Convention and got to spend time with old friends. Everything about the Climate Strike warmed my heart – our youth are smart and committed to saving our planet. Thanks to everyone who attended the strikes in cities around the world.

I’ll fondly remember the people I met along the way who gave me advice and encouragement and made the road easier and more friendly.

Thanks to all of you who traveled with me on this first leg of my journey by reading my blogs. Bless you all!

What an Adventure!

2 thoughts on “What an Adventure!

  • November 2, 2019 at 2:39 pm

    Hey John, What a great adventure to undertake. I’m sure it’s been hard at times but fun too. Just like the western travelers on the Oregon Trail. Of course, those folks were a little bit tougher than we are. I think I would have liked living during that time when everything was clean and pure with no pollution or nuclear weapons. You could just drink out of the creek. I have truly gotten that feeling before when being in remote western Montana fighting forest fires. Seems like man hasn’t spoiled it. Peace to you my friend. Keep on truckin’ – bikin’!

    • November 8, 2019 at 3:07 am

      Thanks Steve. I had a real sense of what travelers along the Oregon Trai experienced. It was a lot harder for them to make the journey; but much of what I saw they saw. It was rich and meaningful and like you said, hard but fun. I will keep on truckin’, looking forward to the next adventure which may eventually lead me to Tennessee.

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