1/21/21 – Mahalo Hawaii

“Mahalo” is Hawaiian for thank you. It’s a tender word indicating sincere gratitude. I really hate to leave this wonderful place. I’m sure everyone feels the same way leaving here. I had a marvelous routine. Wake up, blog, push-ups, sit-ups, swim on the beach, yoga stretches while sun drying, back to the room, a light breakfast of fresh pineapple and banana, morning ride, lunch, nap, afternoon ride, watch the sunset, dinner out, reading or television, bedtime. Yep, I’m going to miss all that.

On my last day in Hawaii, I rode to the Kakaako District in Honolulu famous for beautiful murals. Don’t be intimidated by these strange looking words. Just take them one syllable at a time: Ka kaa ko. After a while, they roll off your tongue and start making sense.

The murals are so expressive reflecting the casual mood of life here.

Mural of a girl lying down reading a book holding a coffee mug.
Modern art mosaic on a tall building with purple, silver and muted green accents
Mural of a beautiful, mysterious woman in a hat holding a fan

Around every corner there’s a new one. There must be hundreds. Think of all the artists in the world!

I found a new place to swim in Ala Moana Park (Ah la Mo an na). My last ride outside the city took me up two canyons. 

My last ride outside the city took me up two verdant and lush canyons.

Verdant and lush. Such diversity. I even saw cactus.

My last ride outside the city took me up two verdant and lush canyons. I even saw cactus.

Yep, I’m gonna miss this place.

Coming at you – Sunride on the bike trail
Bike trail flanked with palm trees along a river with high rise buildings in the background

 Mahalo, sweet Hawaii. Mahalo.

1/21/21 – Mahalo Hawaii

2 thoughts on “1/21/21 – Mahalo Hawaii

  • January 23, 2021 at 8:04 am

    What an adventure! I know you hate to see it come to an end. It’s been fun going along with you on the ride. Let’s hope your exposure in newscasts and interviews all across the country helps to inspire others to seek out solar energy in any way they can. Three cheers for an amazing and inspiring journey!

  • January 23, 2021 at 9:37 pm

    There’s bound to be a few more people inclined to ride bicycles and utilize solar energy. On the way to the airport in the taxi the driver told me when he was a boy in China everyone rode bicycles, then they went to motor scooters, then to cars. Now there are traffic jams in the cities and the air is polluted. I told him about Sunride and he said he thought the trend would be back toward bicycles, especially e-bikes. Yep, we’ve shown the world the way it should be.


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