11/22/20 – The Flag and Thanksgiving

I had several comments on the flags I attached to Sunride on election day.  My good friend Angus commented that all those flags reminded him of the bubba trucks running around.

John Patterson on Sunride decked out with American flags - celebrating Election 2020

Maybe, but I will say my solar powered electric bike gets a lot better mileage.  

The excitement of the election has passed, and I’ve taken all the flags off except for one. I crossed the River today on the center bike lane of the 205 freeway and I got several honks from motorists zooming by; three or four beeps in rapid succession affirming the flag from people saying with their horns, “We love America too!” 

During the time leading up to the election, riding across the mid-west in particular, I saw lots and lots of American flags. I wondered as I rode by, does it mean the people in Nebraska love America more than people in other states?  In Memphis on the 4thof July I saw a motorcyclist on a chopper with a huge American flag flying overhead. He had attached it to the handlebars and it was fluttering like crazy in the 50 mile per hour wind. That was cool. It reminded me of Easy Rider.  

At home we typically put out the flag on the 4thof July, Veterans Day and other national holidays.  When we do it, we’re not saying to our neighbors we love America more than you.  We’re showing respect for our country, the good things it stands for, and appreciation for all those who contribute to the ongoing effort to make our country great.  

Of all the people I’ve seen displaying the flag this year, this is my favorite.  

Homeless man with an American flag on the buggy holding all his belongings

While riding my bike along a portion of the I-205 bike trail where lots of homeless people camp, I stopped to take this photo of a man standing by his buggy with flag lifted by the late November breeze. We spoke briefly. He asked what I planned to do with the photo. I told him I’ve been riding my solar-powered bicycle all over the country. I tipped the roof of the bike toward him so he could see the solar panel. He nodded approval. I told him I’m writing about the flag and that I noticed the flag he had there on his carriage. He bragged that his buggy could carry 200 pounds. Other bicyclists were coming on the trail so I quickly gathered to get out of the way, but as we parted company I said, “I really love your flag. I’m proud of you man.”

The fact is you can be a patriot driving a bubba truck, riding a Harley or a solar-powered electric bike, or pushing a buggy. All it takes is a genuine love for our country and all the good things it stands for. There’s another ingredient of patriotism we need to be reminded of from time to time. A quote from one of our founders, Patrick Henry, who famously stated, “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”  

11/22/20 – The Flag and Thanksgiving

3 thoughts on “11/22/20 – The Flag and Thanksgiving

  • November 23, 2020 at 2:38 pm

    We are in deep do do if we end up politicizing our flag. Have a gentle holiday.

  • November 23, 2020 at 7:13 pm

    I agree – the flag represents all of us. Can’t wait for America to be the UNITED States again!


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